• Engineered for high output engine modifications
  • Dyno developed and tested to increase volumetric efficiency critical to extracting maximum horsepower from high output engine modifications
  • Matches tapered headpipes with larger inlet mufflers
  • 1 ¾ inch to 2 inch tapered headpipes with 2 inch inlet on mufflers and 4 inch to 4 ½ inch stepped muffler body
  • 3 inch to 3 ¼ inch baffle with anti-reversion cone
  • All stainless steel construction with TIG welding and race-inspired brushed stainless Works finish
  • Contoured laser-cut heat shields
  • Flat plane 12mm and quick access 18mm oxygen sensor ports for wideband tuning capability
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Exhaust discoloration (bluing) is caused by engine conditions such as cam timing, fuel-air mixture, operating temperature, etc. It is not the result of defective manufacturing, therefore is not covered by any warranty. See Chems/Lubes section for products to help remove or prevent exhaust discoloration.

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