ThunderMax with AutoTune System #1020-0836




TBW ThunderMax with AutoTune System
Part # 1020-0836

ThunderMax® TBW is Now Available for 2008-2013 H-D® Throttle-by-Wire Bikes and Trikes*

Immediate Benefits Include:

1. Tunes for Your Riding Style, Riding Conditions and Exhaust System
2. Easy to Install and Use
3. Cooler Running Engine
4. Adjustable Rev Limit and Idle Speed
5. Enhanced Throttle Response
6. Supports Cruise Control Without Downloads
7. Quality Engineering, Made in USA
8. 3-Year Factory Warranty

ThunderMax® with AutoTune is the industry’s first and only stand-alone performance EFI management system developed specifically to meet the tuning needs of Throttle-By-Wire H-D® motorcycles. This highly advanced tuning system allows the user to install a wide range of performance enhancements which post-fuel devises cannot support.

The all new ThunderMax® AutoTune TBW module includes all of the great performance engineering that made the brand famous – with benefits you’ll notice immediately, including quicker throttle response, increased power and cooler operating temperatures. 

The ThunderMax EFI System is purpose-built to deliver uncompromising performance, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to install it, program it or make adjustments. The ThunderMax with AutoTune is a Wide-Band, Closed-Loop system which means it continually and automatically adjusts your air-fuel ratios every time you ride, regardless of changes in ambient conditions. All you have to do is ride and enjoy! 

The ThunderMax System can never be out grown… Change pipes, add cams, whatever! Just download a new map. ThunderMax software, firmware and map updates are accessible 24/7 with an internet connection.

The ThunderMax with AutoTune is made in the USA and backed by a 3-year warranty.

System Includes:

1. ThunderMax TBW ECM with Integrated AutoTune Module
2 Wide-Band Oxygen Sensors
3. USB Communication Cable
4. TMaxI Tuner Software
5. ThunderMax TBW Quick Start Guide

SPECIAL NOTE FOR 2010 AND LATER MOTORCYCLES – ThunderMax® includes wide-band, 5-wire oxygen sensors that thread into 18mm x 1.5mm bungs located near the exhaust port, same thread size and location as stock narrow-band, 2-wire sensors used on 2008 and 2009 Touring model exhausts. Starting with 2010 models, all Touring bikes are equipped with a catalytic converter in the head pipe collector area. The oxygen sensors used on 2010 and later Touring models are smaller (12mm threads) heated 4-wire, narrow-band sensors located just forward of the catalytic converter near the transmission. The ThunderMax® sensors must be mounted in the 2008-2009 location, up near the cylinder head exhaust port. If you are retaining the original equipment exhaust header, 18 x 1.5mm bungs will need to be added to the existing headers in the upper location (near the exhaust port as on 2008 and 2009 models), with the lower 12mm sensors removed and ports capped. If using a not-yet-purchased aftermarket exhaust pipe, order an exhaust system for a 2009 model (fitment is the same for 2010-2011 models) and your ThunderMax® sensors will install without modification. If you already have an aftermarket exhaust designed for a 2010 and later model Touring bike, you will need to install bungs as mentioned previously if the system is not equipped with dual bung locations.

This product is not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

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Price: $989.95

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2009-up Black Power Tune Dual Header by S&S Cycle 1802-0251




Power Tune Duals. Fits 2009-Up Big Twins and 2009-2011 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide™ models*. These new power tune duals will add 8 horsepower over your stock header pipes. They have an independent dual look with hidden crossover and updated styling gives your bike a modern look.
Other Features:

  • Moves the rear cylinder header under the bike to reduce radiated heat to the passenger
  • Full chrome heat shielding with 220º coverage
  • Oxygen sensor bungs*
  • Durable16 gauge construction
  • Spherical inlet design for improved sealing and exhaust gasket durability
  • Hardware included to mount crossover pipe
  • Compatible with all slip-on mufflers
  • Made in the U.S.A.


*S&S Power Tune headers (1802-0251) will fit the 2009-2011 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide™ models.  The same power gains and good looks that the two wheeled riders enjoy can now be installed onto the Tri Glide™ models. An additional adaptor kit will need to be purchased (550-0088).  In addition the S&S line of 3 ½” touring mufflers are an excellent choice to complement the Power Tune header system.

*Has both 12mm and 18mm oxygen sensor fittings in the stock locations. Caps are included for both sets of ports.

Price: $624.95

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2000-up Vance & Hines Fishtail II Slip-On Mufflers – 16775




  • Stylish Fishtail II tips cap off each muffler
  • 3 in. muffler bodies are underneath the gleam of the polished chrome
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Included Items: (2) 3 in. Fishtail Muffler Casing (1) RH Muffler Heat Shield (1) Powder Coated Rear Bracket (2) 1.9 in. Dia Torca Band Clamp (2) Dog Bone Nut Plate (2) 3 in. Sculpted Fish Tail (1) LH Muffler Heat Shield (1) Powder Coated Rear Bracket (4) 2.50 in. SS Clamp (4) 5/16 in.-18 x 5/8 in. Serrated Flange Bolts
NOTES: Not all products are legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.  Check your local laws and the manufacturers information

Old Price: $599.99

Price: $491.99

You save: $108.00

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1995-up Vance & Hines Classic Slip-On Mufflers – 16761




  • High-volume, 4 in. diameter slip-ons provide substantial power increases, improved fuel economy and crisper throttle response
  • Feature turn-down ends and are tuned with 2-1/4 in. louvered core baffles
  • Include all necessary hardware and mounting instructions for a hassle-free, perfect fit every time
  • Sold in pairs
  • Designed and built in the U.S.A.

NOTES: Not all products are legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.  Check your local laws and the manufacturers information

Old Price: $559.99

Price: $459.99

You save: $100.00

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