107 Big Bore Kit

Motorcycle Garage Big Bore Kits have been dyno and road tested. We use the finest performance components available. Revolution 3.928 Nickel cylinders and pistons allow for improved cooling and provide a stable base for taking displacement to the limit without case disassembly. Experience has shown that boring stock cylinders to the limit causes the liner to rock and the head gaskets to fail. We do not recommend stock cylinders bored to the limit; you may save a little money now, but will pay more when they fail.

Kits are available for increasing Twin Cam® 98” engines to 107”, and for increasing Twin Cam® 88” engines to 98”.


Feuling® Camchest Kits are used for the lower end. These kits include a billet camplate which is 50% stronger than stock. Feuling® increases oil flow and volume by enlarging the oil pump reservoirs and matching the oil pump holes. Feuling® oil pump and high flow tappets, adjustable pushrods, Reaper® series cams and all gaskets complete the kit.


Red Shift® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners are designed to improve cam timing and accuracy.


          Motorcycle Garage Big Bore Kits include the following parts:

Revolution Big Bore Cylinders and pistons, rings, wrist pins and gaskets, 10:5:1 w/stock heads

Feuling’s® Camchest Kit (see above)

Red Shift® dual piston cam tensioners (see above)

Motorcycle Garage can package a ThunderMax fuel tuner, air filter and exhaust system of choice to complete your kit.


Motorcycle Garage CNC-ported heads can be added for the ultimate in smooth linear power. We have heads in stock and ready for exchange.


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