Pulse-Charger™ Air Filter Kits

What makes the Pulse-Charger™ the best Air Filter Kit ever developed for your motorcycle? Math, it’s all in the equation 1100×1/2 intake cam duration x .538/RPM= tuned intake tract length. Gain horsepower by easily installing the Pulse-Charger™ kit. Harley-Davidson® motorcycle Master Technician Bill Miko spent 3 years developing and testing the Pulse-Charger™ inside the Motorcycle Garage in Phoenix, Arizona. All you have to do is install the Pulse-Charger™, adjust the laser etched velocity stack to the predetermined setting for your motorcycles cam, and ride.

What is Intake Tract Tuning?

A cylinder’s volumetric efficiency can be increased by taking advantage of the acoustic pulses inside the intake tract. When the intake valve closes, an acoustic wave is sent through the intake tract. This pulse hits the atmosphere at the open end of the intake and moves back to the intake valve. Using the above formula the pulse wave can now be adjusted to arrive at the intake valve when it opens to increase cylinder fill and horsepower.

How do I set the Pulse-Charger™?  

Simple, each Pulse-Charger™ Air Filter Kit comes with a chart that shows the installer where to set the laser etched velocity stack, set it and forget it.

How much Horsepower will be gained?

By only changing to the Pulse-Charger™ Air Filter Kit we have experienced 69.53 peak horsepower on a stock 2009 FLHX. Base horsepower is 63hp@5500rpm.

Does the Electronic Fuel Injection (ECM) need upgrading?

In a word yes, anytime performance parts, such as cams, exhaust, big bore kits or air cleaners are installed the (ECM’s) fuel delivery needs to be increased. The team at Motorcycle Garage recommends ThunderMax with Auto Tune. We are a preferred ThunderMax retailer and installer. Check out our Dial-Into Motorcycle Garage program for more information and pricing.


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