Motorcycle Garage 6 Power Steps

The Motorcycle Garage has developed a sequence of performance upgrades that will fit any budget while giving the power you need. The premise is to install some of the components now that will complement the parts in the next steps later. Each set of steps will produce more power and work flawlessly with the next.  The Motorcycle Garage has spent countless hours testing these packaged steps on our state of the art CycleDyn dynamometer to give the best bang for the buck. You won’t have to remove any of the previously installed parts, which saves time and money. We pride ourselves in the ability to tailor your package based on your personal needs. For a consultation on what is available and the performance you are looking for, contact us at 1-800-801-0369 or email .  You can purchase and install the package yourself or have our master tech install it at our state of the art location. Ready to take the next step………..

Step 1: Choose Your ThunderMax EFI Tuner

The Motorcycle Garage is an authorized ThunderMax tuner facility and has a large base library of maps ready to install. The ThunderMax is a real performance ECM that will give your motorcycle more power and quicker throttle response. And you will never outgrow the ThunderMax as it is easily upgradable!

Step 2: Intake and Exhaust

There isn’t a V-Twin made that doesn’t need a new free flowing air filter and exhaust to increase performance. The Motorcycle Garage has most manufactures exhaust systems in stock and ready for delivery. We have a wide range of air filters to choose from including our exclusive Pulse-Charger(TM) Air Filter Kit. Over 3 years of research and development went in to its design and is proven to give more horsepower than any other intake system.

Step 3: Cams and Pushrods

What kind of power do you need? Want more mid-range torque? More top end power? The Motorcycle Garage offers a range of cam profiles from bolt-in to radical lift, we have what you need.

Step 4: Big Bore Kits

Increase the displacement of you engine with our 98”,107”,114″ and 117″ Big Bore Kits. We offer complete kits that have proven performance and reliability. All tested on our dyno.

Step 5: CNC Ported Heads

The Motorcycle Garage uses a high flowing intake port, exhaust port, and combustion chamber shapes for you stock heads. Heads are assembled using one-piece racing grade stainless steel valves, guides and high performance springs.

Step 6: Contact The Motorcycle Garage:

Once you have selected the components you need or if you have questions call us at 1-800-801-0369 or email:

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