At the Motorcycle Garage we are often asked why we chose a Superflow CycleDyn dynamometer over all others. Simple, it’s the most accurate platform for testing and EFI map building. Don’t just take our word, below is what S&S Cycle had to say when asked the same question.

dynobikeWith a motto like “Proven Performance”, which is in fact a registered trademark of S&S Cycle Inc., it is very important that we be able to back up our claims regarding performance. It is also vitally important to be able to evaluate new designs in our development process. One of the tools we depend on for both of these functions is the chassis dynamometer.

Something that needs to be understood about dynamometers is that the results from one dyno will not necessarily be identical to those from another dyno. Comparing results from different dynos is bound to create a certain amount of confusion. This is especially true with dynos from different manufacturers. However, results of tests run on the same machine can be compared with a high degree of confidence. We can determine, for example if a performance modification increased power or torque, but there is a problem if you expect absolute values.

S&S Cycle has chosen to use SuperFlow CycleDyn dynamometers in our facilities in both Viola and LaCrosse, WI because of the availability of data acquisition options that make these units well suited for development work. There are other brands of dynamometers which are in common use in the performance industry. These dynos will yield very reliable values for comparison, especially when tests are performed on the same machine. However values obtained from these dynos are typically a little higher than results obtained on a SuperFlow CycleDyn. Which value is correct? It depends on who you ask.

In our literature and catalogs, we publish dyno results so our customers easily can see how our products improve performance over stock. However, it must be remembered that these are comparative values, and should not be taken as absolutes. If a similar or even identical engine or motorcycle is tested on another dynamometer, the results will more than likely differ.

We knew that we could not provide a 100% correlation between the SuperFlow dynos that we use and other brands that are used in many shops, but it was clear that some sort of “yard stick” was needed for comparison. We conducted consecutive, back to back tests of a wide array of motorcycles on our CycleDyn and on a dyno from another popular manufacturer. When the smoke had cleared and the data had been evaluated, we found a consistent difference in values. The competitive dyno read approximately 8% higher than the CycleDyn. Based on this testing, it is possible to multiply results from a CycleDyn dyno by 1.08 to get a fairly accurate idea what readings the same bike would get on a competitive dyno. It is also possible to multiply results from a competitive dyno by .926 to calculate the approximate CycleDyn numbers.

In order to be consistent in our presentation of dyno information, moving forward, we will present dyno numbers from the SuperFlow CycleDyn dynamometer. A small Super Flow logo by a dyno chart will denote that the test was performed on a CycleDyn dyno. We intend to retest our products on the CycleDyn for future publications, but that will take some time to complete. So for the sake of consistency in the short term, we will convert any dyno results from other dynos to approximate readings from a CycleDyn. We will note these as “Corrected Rear Wheel” values. If you are using a different dyno in your shop, you can expect that your results will be about 8% higher than what we present in our catalog.

Book Your Dyno Appointment

Please call early to book your appointment as we are usually booked 4 to 6 weeks out. We only tune with ThunderMax, tuners such as the TTS Master Tune, SE Race Tuner and all of the piggyback controllers in our opinion are old technology so we recommend an upgrade to ThunderMax for best results. Check out our Dial-Into The Garage Program for further details. While it is possible to just download a map and let the AutoTune take over, we have gotten better results building a base map on the dyno while loading the engine and then auto tuning, this only applies to engines that are not stock.  Motors that are stock with a high-flow filter and exhaust usually will not need any time on the dyno when a ThunderMax has been installed.

Dyno Checklist

1)    Full tank of fuel
2)    A good rear tire
3)    Engine in good working order
4)    Good belt and sprockets

The Motorcycle Garage can make any repairs as necessary at $78.00 per hour. Dyno time is billed at $100.00 per hour………………………………………………………………………………………..