The Motorcycle Garage Quality Control Process

The Motorcycle Garage wants to be sure that your motorcycle is always ready to ride.
We have developed a standard protocol to ensure that your motorcycle is serviced right the first time.

Our process begins with you:

–We will perform a thorough walk around inspection, bringing to your attention any blemishes, tire/brake condition, and oil leaks that you may not be aware of. We will then discuss your options and note if you would like suggested maintenance or repairs performed.

–If at any time we find an item needing to be addressed, we will contact the customer to authorize or decline such service. Once work has been completed we will perform a test ride to insure the motorcycle performs as designed.

–After returning from the test ride we will again review the work order for completeness and make notes of what was performed.

What do I get with a service from Motorcycle Garage?

Maintenance Items Performed: Change oil and filter, flush brake fluids, flush clutch fluid, flush transmission oil, flush primary oil and adjust primary chain, lube and adjust chain or belt, flush final drive oil, check coolant condition and flush if necessary, check and adjust steering stem bearings, lube and adjust all cables, service the clutch(dry clutch only), check air filters, replace if necessary, set tire pressures, tighten nuts and bolts, check for oil leaks, clean battery terminals, tighten spokes, check running condition, adjust fi/carbs if necessary, lube pivots and locks. (All items performed where applicable).

A full Motorcycle Garage Inspection is Performed.

Test Drive: Verify proper running condition, check suspension and handling, verify proper shifting through all gears, check clutch operation, check for abnormal sounds or vibrations.